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One City Plaza - Downtown West Palm Beach

One City Plaza is a luxurious High Rise Condominium, located in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. Through our experienced team at Royal American Carpets, we designed and furnished a High-Traffic Custom Carpet, now installed throughout the corridors at the 16 story Condo.

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Hotel Carpet Manufacturer

Royal American Carpets supplies a wide range of products to 4 and 5 star hotels and hotel chains. Royal American is a leading manufacturer of high quality wool and nylon carpets. The majority of our Carpet is produced for the Commercial and Hospitality markets.

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Hotel Corridor Axminster Carpet

There a variety of Carpet products for Hotel Corridors. But no product offers the value compared to Woven Axminster in Hospitality settings. Here are some questions and answers often received from Hospitality Interior Designers, Carpet Installers, and Hotel End-Users.

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