Meeting/Event SPACE

Custom High-Traffic Carpet for Meeting Rooms, Event Space, Ballrooms, Theaters, and Auditoriums

Design and selection of Custom Carpet for Event Space Venues is a bit more unique than most high-traffic settings. The process though is commonplace for Royal American Carpets.

The design and selection of Custom Carpet for Event Space or Large Venues is a bit more unique than most high-traffic settings.Our experience with large venues and Interior Design Firms serves to design beautiful custom carpets. More importantly, our technical expertise adds specifications that benefit carpet stamina and durability. The finished product is sure to create a beautiful atmosphere and enhance the success of events held in these types of spaces.

Due to our wide range of carpet machinery, we can provide our clients with broadloom carpet customized to fit all aspects of each type of Venue. This includes large Meeting Rooms, Ballrooms, Theaters, Auditoriums, or Event Space. 

Here is a quick list of some aspects we can offer customers within our Custom Carpet process, unavailable to standard carpets:

  • Custom Machine Widths
    • Helps to reduce waste and thus reduce the total carpet budget
  • Unlimited Design Capabilities
    • Create a one-of-a-kind carpet unique to the space
  • Custom Colors
    • Offers a selection of colors to match existing interior design finishes, or current color schemes
  • Fiber Content (80% wool / 20% nylon blend - 100% solution dyed nylon)
    • Allows for customized densities and better cleanability that target expected foot traffic
    • Best choice of yarn content can prevent early fade issues due to sunlight exposure
  • Pattern Repeats
    • Custom patterns designed to fit room widths and/or sudden hallway variations
    • Reduces overall seams
    • Contributes to a reduction of carpet waste and thus lowering the total carpet budget

Listed below are links to the products we offer that are suitable for high-traffic Event Space, Meeting Rooms, large Venues, and several other hospitality areas. With a virtually limitless array of pattern and color options, Royal American Carpets help can transform the interiors of any Event Space or Venue into something truly extraordinary.