Hotel Corridor Axminster Carpet

Wool and Nylon Woven Axminster Carpet for Hotel Hallways

Design and selection of Hotel Corridor Carpet has a great deal of impact on aesthetics. The impact can sometimes go overlooked, causing improper specifications and poor performance.

There happens to be a variety of Carpet products designed for Hotel Corridors. But no product offers the value when comparing Woven Axminster in Hospitality settings.

Below, we decided to make a list of questions and answers often received from our customers. These questions come from Hospitality Interior Designers, Carpet Installation Companies, and Hotel End-Users.

Q: Why Woven Axminster Carpet?

Because of the dimensional stability and the appearance retention. Woven Carpet is produced with an interlocking method of the warp threads (length) and the weft threads (cross). This secures the yarn between them, row by row. The backing and the surface are woven together as one, creating a Carpet with dimensional stability.

Woven Axminster Hospitality Carpet

Q: Why Wool-Rich Carpet?

There are several benefits to using Wool as the yarn content of choice. The color selection is endless which increases design capabilities. Wool has excellent durability features and keeps soil on its surface longer. Maintenance tends to be easier and requires less cleaning. Wool is also the best for sound absorption, and even helps to keep air free of pollutants. Other benefits include static resistance, and flame resistance. Wool is naturally flame-retardant making it difficult to ignite.


Q: If Wool has so many benefits, then why a blend of 80% wool / 20% nylon?

Experiments consistently show that by adding 20% nylon to the Wool blend, the abrasion resistance increases to approximately 3 to 4 times that of Wool on its own. This blend achieves the optimum performance of both fibers. For Hotel Corridors, 80% wool and 20% nylon is superior to any other fiber combination.


Q: Can you produce Axminster Carpet with other types of yarn content?

Yes, we can produce our Axminster with various fiber content. We understand that certain specifications change depending on the surroundings. For example, if a Hotel's Corridors are exposed to a lot of sunlight, then Solution Dyed Nylon would be the best choice. We currently manufacture our Axminster Carpet with either an 80/20 blend, 100% Hank-Dyed Nylon, or 100% Solution Dyed Nylon.


Please contact us if you have any additional questions about our Axminster Carpet.