Hospitality Hotel Guest Room Carpet

Guest Room Carpet Designed for Hotels & Resorts

Royal American Carpets specializes in the manufacturing of hospitality carpet, including many completed installations of hotel guest room carpet. Through the combination of design and technical expertise, our company creates hotel guest room carpet with exceptional service. We supply custom guest-room carpet for interior designers, purchasing companies, and hotel end-users.

We design and produce custom hospitality hotel guest room carpet using our advanced machinery. Our machine types give us the ability to create unique and durable carpets for all guest rooms and suites. Currently, we offer the following guest-room carpet machineries:

  • MLCL - Multi Level Cut Loop
  • LCL - Level Cut Loop
  • ELG - Enhanced Loop Graphics
  • CPG - Cut Pile Graphics

Our Multi Level Cut Loop (MLCL) machine provides the most pattern flexibility and color quantities for hotel guestroom carpet. Using this machine, we can produce hospitality-grade carpet in a cut & loop texture, and custom widths up to 15 feet. There are zero pattern restrictions for our design staff, and the Multi Level Cut Loop's finished product is best suited for hotel guest room applications. The typical density for guest-room carpet is 32oz., and we can provide densities anywhere between 32-42oz.The smallest order quantity for MLCL construction is 500 square yards.

As for Level Cut Loop (LCL) guest-room carpet, it also provides great pattern flexibility and zero pattern restriction in width or length. Unlike MLCL carpet, LCL creates a carpet with every end visible (no yarns "pulled down"). Our LCL carpet is always produced in 1/10" gauge, and up to 15 foot widths. The advantage of this machinery is the minimums are small, at 100 square yards for a custom order. Like MLCL densities, this custom carpet can also be produced anywhere between 32-42oz.

Four Seasons Hotel Custom Guest Room Carpet

Our Enhanced Loop Graphics (ELG) is another machine designed to produce hospitality carpet, both beautiful and durable for hotel guest rooms. This machine always creates a finished carpet with a large percentage in loop pile, but with the ability to add a "tip-shear" effect. There happen to be many interior designers that prefer 100% loop pile carpet for a guest room, and our Enhanced Loop construction could be the best solution. ELG produces a carpet with densities ranging from 28-42oz., and a 100 square yard order quantity.



The last machine we will mention in our Hotel Guest Room Carpet collection is our Cut Pile Graphics (CPG) product. CPG creates a 100% cut pile carpet, and like our others, up to 15 feet in width. One distinct advantage this machine provides for Hotel Guest Rooms is the density. Using Cut Pile Graphics, we can produce Guest Room Carpet with a density anywhere between 28-68oz. This can help furnish Hotel Guest Rooms that sustain a higher amount of foot traffic. The minimum order quantity for this 100% cut pile carpet is 100 square yards.

Royal American Carpets offers a virtually limitless array of pattern and color options, granting us the ability to uplift Interiors for Hotel Guest Rooms around the globe.