Why Woven Carpet in Public Space?

The Selection of Woven Carpet for Commercial & Hospitality Space

When it comes to selecting a carpet that will sustain a high amount of foot traffic for public space, woven carpet is the ideal selection. It's durability and backing meet the specifications ultimately desired for commercial and hospitality use. Woven carpet is produced with the interlocking of warp threads with weft threads so that the tufts of the carpet yarn are secured between them, row by row. The warp is the length, and the weft is the width. What this means is that the backing and surface are creating during the weaving, producing carpet with dimensional stability.

Royal American Carpets designs and manufactures both types of woven carpet construction, Axminster and Wilton. Axminster can produce carpets with an incredible amount of total colors within the design. This makes it a wonderful choice for hotels, condominiums, and various public spaces.

When purchasing woven carpet, we strongly suggest to contact and hire a qualified installation company experienced with woven carpet projects. Woven carpet can be installed for stairs, as runners, and also needs to contain a proper cleaning program.

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