Custom Country Club Carpeting

Production and Design for Carpet in High-Traffic Country Clubs and Clubhouses 

Custom Country Club Carpeting is a product and service we're most passionate about, and it's mainly because our location in the great state of Florida. There's a reason why Florida is rated as the #1 state for Golfing. Operating in the sunshine state, we're fortunate to be in this region with the most amount of golf courses than other other state in the country.

Since first entering into the Hospitality market, Royal American Carpets has made it a priority to assist in creating beautiful and long-lasting carpet for Florida's Golf & Tennis Country Clubs. Areas in our state with Country Clubs and Tennis Clubs are boundless, and we provide our services from south Florida in Miami, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Orlando, and more. Our wide range of hospitality machinery gives us the unique ability to produce custom carpet to meet all the demands of a Country Club facility.

These flooring demands are some of the critical factors that have potential to boost club memberships, as well as increase social activities. Too many Country Clubs underestimate the power of interior design, which then affects the proper selection of Custom Carpet. Most floors inside Clubhouses, Locker Rooms, and Golf Pro Shops receive an enormous amount of wear and tear due to the high levels of foot-traffic. Thus, installing a carpet with the recommended density (or pile weight) is crucial for its lifespan.

Country Clubs should also demand optimal yarn content from its installed carpet. Selection of the yarn content will depend on various circumstances, some of which are (not in order of priority):

  • Desired appearance and color vibrance on the floor
  • Degree of expected foot traffic
  • Amount of exposed sunlight
  • Total amount of colors within the custom carpet design
  • Budget constrains
  • Fire rating requirements

Even if Custom Country Club Carpeting has met the demands of both the density and fiber content, the much more important component is the type of construction, or carpet machinery. Woven Axminster Carpet, especially for Country Clubs, is the champion of construction and durability. This carpet, unlike "tufted" carpet, is woven, creating a finished product with no secondary backing, increasing dimensional stability and underfoot comfort. Royal American's Axminster Construction produces carpet in 6 different densities, allowing Florida's Country Clubs to install a cost-effective carpet along with desired longevity. Woven Axminster, when produced with 80% wool and 20% nylon, has incredible advantages. Here are a few to mention:


- Unlimited possibilities of color and design
- Noise reduction
- Ease of maintenance and care
- Air quality improvements with the 80/20 fiber blend
- Fire code standards
- Ease of installation

The one drawback with Axminster construction is that it is always produced in 100% cut pile. Some Custom Country Club Carpeting is produced with both cut and loop pile, adding the element of texture to the carpet. At Royal American Carpets, we also produce machine-tufted carpet with solution dyed nylon. This is another option for Country Clubs to consider. Solution dyed nylon happens to be the best fiber choice for areas with large amounts of sun exposure. Before considering creating and installing a carpet containing loop pile, it's best to consider the rules and regulations of a Country Club's golf spikes. A dense cut pile carpet, such as Axminster, is always considered "spike-proof" carpet. Loop pile can tend to pull or snag of triggered.

Feel free to contact us anytime regarding our custom carpet specifications, pricing, lead times, and more.