WOVEN Axminster - Hospitality Carpet

Custom Broadloom Carpet

Royal American’s Axminster Carpet contains a plush surface and is most suitable for hospitality and public spaces with heavy foot traffic, such as hotels, country clubs, casinos, convention centers, and various entertainment establishments. We produce most of our Axminster Carpet using a blend of 80% wool and 20% anti-static nylon. However, we can also construct this carpet using other yarn materials, such as Nylon, or Solution Dyed Nylon.

Woven Axminster Hospitality Carpet

Our Axminster machinery produces a woven carpet, in which the backing is woven at the same time as the pile insertion. This method of construction therefore does not require a secondary backing. The threads are interlocked in such a way that the tufts of carpet are secured between themselves, row by row. The benefits are enormous, contributing to durability, strength, and unique flexibility. Machine-Tufted Carpets on the other hand, apply a secondary backing with an adhesive. This has the potential for delamination or bubbling, sometimes causing untimely failure. Although it's more of an issue known to occur in heavy traffic areas.

Royal American's Axminster Carpet is a luxurious and durable carpet, often specified by designers, architects, and end-users to add performance and value to floors. This type of carpet construction is ideal for luxurious hotel interiors, public corridors, convention centers, and many more prestigious settings. Depending on the project scope and budget, we can adjust the density by adjusting the rows. We also can produce custom Axminster Carpet that is IMO certified, where we add a special fire-retardant during the dyeing process, helping to improve the performance and meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization fire testing procedures.    


Dimensional stability
Appearance retention
Longer life expectancy
Unlimited design capabilities
Extreme precision of complex and intricate designs
Enormous range of colors
Withstands the heaviest of traffic areas
Hand-made look


    • Color vibrance 
    • Long-term appearance retention
    • Absorbs harmful air pollutants 
    • Natural resistance to dirt and water
    • Naturally flame retardant (self-extinguishing)
    • Renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly 
    • Optimal sound insulation - has unique natural crimp, helping to eliminate walking noises
    Woven Axminster Hospitality Carpet