Hotel Carpet Manufacturer

Hotel Carpet Supplier for Public Space, Corridors, and Guest Rooms

Royal American Carpets supplies a wide range of products to 4 and 5 star hotels and hotel chains. Royal American is a leading manufacturer of high quality wool and nylon carpets. The majority of our Carpet is produced for the Commercial and Hospitality markets.

We like to think that we do things a little different than most Hotel manufacturers. As a hotel supplier, we combine the technical and design expertise of a large mill, but our service and approach compare to that of a small mill. This philosophy has helped us build long-standing relationships with many of our clients.

Hotels contain areas with various functionalities, and each area has its own specifications. Examples include Guest Rooms, Corridors, Meeting Rooms, Ballrooms, Offices, and more. Our wide range of Hospitality Carpet Machinery helps to supply our clients with Custom Carpet for each of these areas.

Here are a list of examples to some of our machines, their specifications, and their functionality. For more information on these types of machineries, please click the links. They include information such as available densities, width, yarn content, colors, etc.


    • MLCL - Multi Level Cut Loop

    • LCL - Level Cut Loop

    • ELG - Enhanced Loop Graphics

    • LLC - Loop Over Loop Scroll


    • CYP - Computer Yarn Placement

    • ColorTec

    • Axminster

    • Chromo-Jet Printed

Our Guest Room Machines primarily supply carpet for Hotel Guest Rooms. The above products offer custom patterns and custom colors at extremely affordable prices. As for the Corridors, Meeting Rooms & Ballrooms, those are areas that receive much higher foot traffic. Therefore the listed machines produce Custom Carpet that is heavy in both pile weight & overall weight. These high end machines also produce Custom Carpet with unlimited design capabilities and anywhere between 6 and 16 colors (depending on the machine).

Through our technical expertise, we can help our clients determine which machine to use and why. There are many determining factors on selecting which type of carpet to produce. These factors include an overall budget, inspirational design(s), the ideal fiber content, and many more.

Since emerging into the hospitality market and developing a specialization for Hotel Carpet manufacturing, Royal American Carpets has provided the custom flooring industry with quality & service, expertise, and a responsibility to furnish projects on time; assuring the cornerstones of our business.