Custom Hotel Carpets & Luxurious Area Rugs

Custom Carpet and Area Rugs in Guest Rooms, Lobbies, and Public Space 

Royal American Carpets above all services the Hospitality market, fully equipped in all stages of design and production for Custom Hotel Carpet and Luxury Resort Area Rugs.

As a "Custom Mill", we offer a wide variety of custom carpet machinery. These construction methods especially service our clients that demand Custom Resort Carpets or Custom Resort Area Rugs. Hotels and Resorts require carpet or area rugs with definitive specifications, and our state-of-the-art machinery can manipulate designs, densities, fiber content, color selection, backings, and much more to meet those specifications.

In addition to our experienced design staff, the technical expertise we provide makes a smooth process for both Interior Design Firms and End-Users. Once we familiarize our team with the project and the Hotel space, and design direction, then we can go over the nitty-gritty. Some examples are:

  • Appropriate Density and Pile Height(s) for expected foot-traffic
  • Proper fiber content in order to withstand high-traffic and maintain color appearance (ex: wool/nylon blend, solution dyed nylon, etc.)
  • Meet all Fire Ratings
  • Avert Tripping Hazards
  • Combination of Machine Width and Pattern Repeat to reduce unnecessary carpet wastage, and reduce the amount of total seams in all Hotel Space
  • Suitable backing and padding performance

Our advanced carpet machinery consists of the most desired construction types for all Custom Hotel Carpet. For public space, this includes our Woven Axminster Machinery, CYP Carpet Machinery, and Colortec Carpet Machinery. Hotel Public Space encompasses the corridors, ballrooms, and meeting rooms. As for Hotel Guest Room Carpet, this includes our MLCL Carpet Machinery, LCL Carpet Machinery, and Enhanced Loop Graphics Carpet Machinery. Each of these can create a unique Guest Room Carpet with the beauty and elegance our clients pursue.


Listing each and every advantage for the different construction types can get quite technical. In the near future, we will post a blog page all to itself, breaking down the advantages. Some important information thought that we don't want to leave out is the yarn content. We can produce our Axminster Carpet either with a Wool, Nylon blend (80/20), or with 100% Solution Dyed Nylon. CYP Carpet and Colortec Carpet always produce a finished custom product using 100% Solution Dyed Nylon. The only exception is when it's requested to produce Custom Area Rugs with either of these two machines. These Machine-Made Area Rugs can be constructed with 100% Wool.

You can visit our product page to learn more about our Carpet Machinery and our Custom Luxury Resort Area Rugs.