Eve at the District in Midtown Miami

High-End Area Rugs Furnished for Midtown High-Rise

Royal American Carpets recently installed custom area rugs at the luxurious apartment building known as Eve at the District, located in the heart of Midtown Miami. It was such a pleasure to work on the public space areas rugs, that include the lobby and lounge areas.

Along with the fantastic design team of Stantec Miami, our talented staff were able to design, produce, and deliver all of these custom area rugs in a timely fashion. These area rugs were all produced using 100% New Zealand wool, and a variety of colors. A few rugs contained various pile heights, increasing the beauty and the feel, right inside the main lobby.

This process went as smoothly as one could go.

  • First came the design inspiration that Stantec brought to us.
  • We took it from there and created stunning renderings that were then approved.
  • Next came the custom coloring, selected using our enormous color pom box, with 700 colors to choose from.
  • After color selection came the delivery of our accurate sampling of each and every rug.
  • Samples were approved and production went underway.
  • We were able finish production in less than 45 days, and even provided production photos to our client before packaging, shipping, and loading.

Eve at the District is a luxurious high-rise that is centrally located at the intersection of Miami’s most sophisticated urban neighborhoods. Residents will be surrounded by culture, entertainment, high-end fashion boutiques and the hippest culinary offerings. Not to mention, the outstanding amenities that include a:
- 1,400-square-foot entertainment room with bar and a 20-foot hot water spa
- Craft outdoor bar and grilling stations
- beautifully-landscaped dog run and outdoor washing station

This is a project Royal American Carpets is quite proud of, and we definitely look forward to working on several other projects throughout the great city of Miami, Florida.