High Traffic Carpet in Miami

Several large buildings (hotels, condos, etc.) receive a lot of foot traffic, and for this reason it is recommended to install high traffic carpet in Miami locations. Construction and renovation in Miami seems to be constant these days, and hotels, condos, airports, clubhouses, etc. need to have the proper flooring product installed to provide proper durability. High Traffic Carpet in Miami is a carpet that is considered extremely durable and can withstand an enormous amount of foot traffic. Products such as carpet tiles, and axminster carpet, and a dense level loop construction are considered high traffic carpet.

Axminster carpet is a woven carpet, and can be produced in 6 different densities, with the most dense being 52oz. per square yard. Sometimes this type of density is considered overkill, which is why Royal American Carpets can provide a 48oz. density, a 44oz. density, or a 42oz. density. After we visit the public space we can recommend the necessary density to give you the high traffic carpet in Miami that you desire.

Carpet tiles are another way to install high traffic carpet in Miami.  Royal American can customize carpet tiles as well, allowing you to install exactly what is necessary for your public areas.  Our carpet tiles can be produced with nylon or polypropylene, and come in a variety of styles and colors. Depending on the total amount of square feet, we can even produce different size tiles that can be installed that can save total carpet waste and add an elegant design effect as well.  Our carpet tiles can also be produced with a proper backing to increase the durability, such as a polyurethane cushion backing.  Our carpet tile machinery can produce carpet tiles with a level loop, a multi-loop, level cut, solution dyed, piece dyed, and a lot more varieties that combine to give you the desired design, high traffic durability, and all while staying within your total budget.