Country Club Carpet in Palm Beach

There are many end-users, designers, and country club committee boards that are frequently searching for a good quality and a high traffic country club carpet in Palm Beach.  The installed product the country club desires will certainly depend on the budget and the design movement.

One very specific flooring product perfect for country club carpet in Palm Beach is called axminster carpet. Axminster carpet is a woven carpet, which means threads are interlocked in such a way that the tufts of carpet are secured between themselves, row by row.  As the weaves increase in density, more backing yards are added making the product stronger and more stable. This axminster machinery gives the ability for the country club to choose how dense and durable they want their country club carpet in Palm Beach.  On top of the woven backing, the carpet is produced with 80% wool and 20% nylon.  Wool gives the country club carpet the natural resistance and compression recovery, and the nylon provides the benefits of its hard-wearing properties.

Axminster carpet will also provide exceptional design and colors to the finished product.  You can choose any design and color combination you choose.  Perhaps the country club has existing fabrics and colors already installed and would therefore like to match the same colors into the carpet design.  This type of carpet can and should be installed in all areas of the Palm Beach country club that accumulate foot traffic, such as dining areas, pro shops, hallways, ballrooms, etc.

Some machinery that produces country club carpet in Palm Beach may also not be available in certain widths. Axminster carpet is usually offered in different widths, which could potentially reduce the total amount of carpet ordered.  Less carpet = reduced cost.

This carpet can be produced in a variety of densities, which is determined by foot traffic and the total amount of public space in your Palm Beach country club.  If you are curious about the densities that are offered for country club carpet in Palm Beach, please view our product specification page.  You can view the different densities, but please contact us for our professional recommended density.