Condo Hallway Carpeting in Miami Beach

There are many types of carpet construction methods that can be installed as condo hallway carpeting in Miami Beach.  When choosing a condo hallway carpet, it's best to determine one's budget before selection. Your overall budget, including installation, should give you a good idea of what type of design and style you can install in your Miami Beach condominium.

The most fun and durable method of carpet selection for condo hallway carpeting is going with a custom carpet. This gives your building the ability to install a carpet containing common colors and design elements. There are a few custom carpet machines, and two of them that we recommend are axminster carpet, and printed carpet.

Axminster carpet is known as the very best construction for condo hallway durability.  This type of carpet is made of 80% wool and 20% nylon, and when maintained properly, can last your Miami Beach condo hallways up to 10 years or more.  This type of carpet can produce incredible patterns containing several colors because the pile and backing are woven together, therefore eliminating the any delamination.  Delamination occurs in non woven carpets because the secondary backing detaches from the carpet creating bubbles and ripples.  This problem cannot occur in axminster carpet.  Axminster carpet creates an incredible finished product with intricate designs and colors and is a perfect product to install in your Miami Beach condominium hallways.

Another option is known as printed carpet.  This carpet is primarily produced with nylon or polypropylene. Printed carpet offers advantages simply because of the aggressive pricing and the ability to produce a satisfiable finished design.  Most printed carpet machinery can produce carpet patterns with up to 12 total colors.  Printed carpet starts off as a tufted white base and the design is added after the tufting process.  This allows the carpet to create designs that many other machines cannot.  The disadvantage of using this type of condo hallway carpeting is that the dye on the yarn does not penetrate through completely and has been known to fade and crush quicker than a woven carpet.

When selecting either construction, the finished pile weight can tremendously affect the durability of your installed condo hallway carpeting in Miami Beach, and you should always speak to a professional about recommendations based on foot traffic, total residents in the condo, and cleaning methods.