High-End Custom Residential Carpet

Custom Designed Carpet for Luxury Homes and Luxurious Bedrooms 

High-End Custom Residential Carpet will always have a significant impact on the interiors of a Luxurious Home. Most high-end carpet installation occurs in rooms or theaters of a residence. Custom Carpet is specifically put to use in luxury residential bedrooms.

We have seen a massive shift in household flooring, with hard surfaces becoming more popular throughout the communal areas of a home. Types of flooring for these areas include engineered wood, solid wood, tile, stone, marble, and more. Carpet, however, is still utilized in bedrooms. Bedrooms of course are where residents sleep, and carpet offers excellent benefits. Some of these benefits of high-end bedroom carpet include improvement to the indoor air quality (trapping dust), reducing noise through sound absorption, and minimizing injuries after slip and falls.

Each type of residential carpet has its advantages and disadvantages. With our production & design capabilities, we can provide High-End Custom Residential Carpet that will maximize those advantages. Our focus is set on two important facets; Selection of only the finest raw materials, and quality control. This ensures our customers the combination of high standards and outstanding product performance.

Royal American Carpets offers a wide variety of design and fiber options. These capabilities allow us to maximize the quality and design for a High-End Custom Residential Carpet. Since our luxury bedroom carpets are custom, we offer the following yarn content:

  • New Zealand Wool
  • Silk
  • Viscose
  • Bamboo Silk
  • Nylon
  • Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Wool/Nylon blend

* We can incorporate these yarn options into a custom carpet as combinations, or 100% of a finished product.

After approval of fiber content starts the process of color selection. With an enormous color selection of over 700+ colors, as well as custom coloring capabilities, we are limitless to matching Color Schemes or Palettes. This is yet another design advantage in Custom Residential Carpet. We can incorporate any amount of colors into a carpet if required.

Our clients and interior design firms can agree the most favorite aspect in working with High-End Custom Residential Carpet are the unique design capabilities. Our design expertise can help create a luxurious bedroom carpet exclusive to the resident. Check out these awesome features you can include:

Sample of Carving effect and pile height differentiation

Sample of Carving effect and pile height differentiation

  • Unlimited shapes and sizes
  • Unlimited widths (reduce or remove seams)
  • Cut/loop pile combination
  • Multiple pile heights
  • Carving

And finally, Custom Residential Carpet allows us to produce a product with the optimal density. Density can affect performance, longevity, and also the footing (softness). Our range includes over 6 densities, assuring customer satisfaction.