Custom Carpets for Country Clubs

Specializing in the Design and Production of Carpet for Country Clubs

When Royal American Carpets provides the full services of both design and manufacturing, the most enjoyable projects we come across are Custom Country Club Carpets. This includes Golf Pro Shops, Clubhouses, and Yacht Clubs as well. There are several exciting benefits we offer these type of facilities, but none more than the benefit of "increased durability" for the Country Clubs that experience Heavy Foot Traffic.

Focusing on "Increased Durability" for a moment, we are a Custom Carpet company. This enables us to create and produce a finished Carpet to withstand the exact type of specifications each facility requires. Country Clubs are used to receiving heavy foot traffic, therefore, installing the correct carpet is vital for maximum performance. When working with Country Clubs, our technical staff focuses on 2 essential factors to start; Budget combined with Optimal Durability. Our state-of-the-art machinery can manipulate densities, fiber content, and color selection. Once the specs have been met, our design staff then goes to work, with the design(s) of a unique and beautiful custom carpet sure to last the Country Club 10 years +.

Many Interior Design Firms also come across this direction when designing and specifying for Country Clubs. There are a wide variety of sectors that each Design Firm specializes in, but those who understand hospitality grade carpet and Custom Country Club Carpets are familiar with most specifications. We consistently team up with Interior Designers and offer our expertise for each type of Country Club. We like to think our technical expertise has its advantages for both the designer and the end-user. Examples could be those careful considerations such as tripping hazards, fire ratings, cleanability, and the reduction of waste. Royal American Carpets also assists with the final pattern repeat(s) and machine width. All of these examples ensure that the custom carpets are designed and produced with the exactness our clients deserve.

Our custom capabilities don't just end at Custom Carpet. We also specialize in production of Custom Country Club Area Rugs. Our hand-made area rugs combine luxury and quality, and our color selection allows us to match the custom carpet colors as well. This intensifies and picks up the design elements throughout the facility.   


Please visit our product page to learn more about our Carpet Machinery and Area Rugs. You can find advantages for each custom product, as well as the different yarn content we offer. One popular carpet construction frequently installed in Country Clubs is Axminster Carpet. This is a woven carpet construction, and our product page provides the necessary details to learn its advantages for a Custom Country Club Carpet.