Custom Carpet Design

Custom carpet design can be difficult to create and produce if you do not work with a manufacturer that has the proper design staff and skills to assist you or your client. There are several carpet manufacturers located throughout the globe that manufacture beautiful carpet, but there are few that actually exclusively work with custom carpet manufacturing and custom carpet design.

There are some incredible and durable carpets that exist today, however most patterned carpets are actually installed in numerous locations.  These carpet products are probably running line carpets, or just simple and predictable carpets that are already prepared on machinery in order to produce rapidly.  There are companies though that specialize in only custom carpet and custom carpet design.  These are the type of companies that recognize the service and quality needed when working with designers or end users who demand that one and only finished product. Companies such as Royal American Carpets have a highly skilled design staff that work continuously on creating unique designs for end users and interior designers. By using a company such as Royal American, we can offer over 500 colors to choose from, plus the ability to custom color.  The advantage in using a specialty company besides service is that we know the time crunches that exist on many hospitality projects, and we work to create designs and produce samples just as fast as other companies working with running line designs.  Typical manufacturers might too busy with production and perhaps produce so much carpet to be truly efficient in the custom carpet design industry.

Royal American Carpets can also work with low minimum custom carpet projects.  Many carpet manufacturers won't even consider low quantity orders requiring custom carpet design, but we appreciate any opportunity to prove ourselves, our service, and our quality; especially when we can provide a capability that our competitors do not offer.

If you have any questions about the type of products or software we work with, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime and a representative from Royal American Carpets will get back to you immediately.