Custom Commercial Carpet in Miami

The capabilities to order and install custom commercial carpet in Miami are much improved over the last few years. Companies like Royal American Carpets can price any custom commercial carpet quantity while still maintaining competitive pricing.  This pricing can sometime even compare to large quantity orders from some of the largest manufacturers in the industry.  End-users and interior designers here in Miami too often think that low minimums are off limits for custom carpet. What separates Royal American Carpets in the custom commercial carpet industry here in Miami are the low minimums required, the creative skills from our design team, and of course our price aggression.

Royal American Carpets offers a few different types of machinery and materials.  All we need is a bit of information about the custom carpet area and we can then provide the proper recommendations to meet your satisfaction and price range.  We can also have one of our representatives visit your project site here in Miami, or anywhere in Florida if requested.  Once approved, we can proceed with custom designs from our highly-trained design staff using inspirational photos from you, and then samples of those approved designs come next.  Our custom commercial carpet comes with a selection of over 500 colors so matching design schemes and design elements should never be a problem, especially since we can also custom color if need be.  Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.  If you would like to receive quality samples of our carpet products, please do not hesitate to ask.

When working with custom commercial carpet in Miami, the space may require a highly durable product or perhaps just a custom product with a low budget conscience.  We manufacture for either scope, and primarily for high-traffic areas such as hotels and hotel corridors, condominiums, convention centers, ballrooms, casinos, clubhouses, country clubs, restaurants, theaters, and more.  Feel free to visit our product page anytime to see what we currently offer for your custom commercial carpet project in Miami.  We also offer other products not currently updated on the website, so please contact us with any specific requirements.