Rugs and Runners for Hotels in New York

Hotels that want to create an aesthetically pleasing design scheme should consider the use of rugs and runners for hotels in New York.  Custom rugs and runners create an ability to give the hotel guests a comfort and that welcoming experience every hotel desires.

Interior designers, when approved to use custom rugs and runners for hotels in New York from their clients, can truly utilize their unique skills by creating patterns that specifically pertain to the selected color scheme, or match similar movements to the design elements visible throughout the New York hotel.  There is no better way to accomplish this besides the production a custom rug or a custom runner.

A highly recommended construction method for these 2 products are hand-tufted rugs or hand-tufted runners.  Hand-tufted can produce a product with an unlimited amount of colors as well as unlimited roll lengths and widths.  Hand-tufted, when working with a specialized manufacturer, can be produced with quality materials such as wool, silk, viscose, acrylics, or combinations of these.  Densities can vary as well depending on the amount of foot traffic your rugs and runners in New Work will receive.  Royal American Carpets can recommend the proper density after viewing and discussing specific project details.  Please view our product page or specification page to see what we can produce in hand-tufted area rugs.  Royal American also has the unique capability to produce rugs and runners using custom colors.  This gives the interior designer the luxury of not having to worry about matching preferred color schemes or even matching color schemes that already exist at the hotel.

There are other methods of construction that can produce rugs and runners for hotels in New York.  Hand-tufted is one of the best options if the budget allows for them, but if not, there are other methods that Royal American can recommend and produce. Please contact us anytime with any questions or assistance needed.