Axminster Carpet in Florida

Axminster carpet is a very durable and high traffic product.  This type of carpet is known throughout the industry as one of the most durable and beautiful carpets that exist. Axminster carpet in Florida can last over 10 years and outlasts most any type of construction when maintained correctly.

Axminster carpet is a machine woven carpet which comes with several advantages.  This carpet is woven at the same time as the the pile is inserted so that no major secondary backing process is required.  This gives it the desired durability, as well as unlimited possibilities of color and design. The weaving process provides dimensional stability in all directions of the carpet pile.   Axminster carpet contains pile tufts that are anchored by weft shots across the width, which create a heavy ridged backing.  The ridged backing is very stiff and allows the carpet to only be rolled in length direction.

Right now, there are different types of axminster carpet looms.  They are known as spool looms, spool gripper looms, and gripper jacquard looms.  When starting the process to purchase an axminster carpet, try and find out which type of these looms the manufacturer uses.

Traditionally, axminster carpet uses a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon.  However, if desired, the product can be made with 100% wool or even 100% nylon.  Different densities are produced which depends on the amount of foot traffic the space is going to receive.  Some required spaces may need a lighter density and conserve budget, while other very high traffic areas might be recommended to consider something more dense and typical for that type of space.

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