Commercial Carpet Installers in Miami

After purchasing high-traffic carpet for your public space, it is recommended that you hire qualified commercial carpet installers in Miami. Depending on the type of carpet that you purchase, it is possible that some commercials carpet installers within the Miami area have experience installing your product and some may not.

For example, you may need installation for carpet that needs to be direct glued down, or carpet that needs to be glued down directly over padding.  Some commercial carpet installers in Miami may have more experience with one method than the other. Seaming is another issue to talk to your installer about.  There can be difficult seaming that needs to be performed in areas with high traffic.  If they are completed by a reckless crew or company, your seams can come undone and show significantly.

Also, there are different types of high traffic carpet that you should ask your commercial carpet installers.  You may need installation for axminster carpet, tufted carpet, hand-tufted carpet, carpet tiles or squares.  Make sure your installer has experience with the type of product that you are going to need to be installed.

Lastly, it is very possible by hiring the proper commercial carpet installation company, that they can save you or your client serious money on the flooring budget.  Certain carpet products can be produced in different widths or looms, and correct measurements and recommendations by your commercial carpet installers can help determine which width will fit best.  The correct pattern repeat and carpet width can significantly reduce your budget by saving total square yardage and also reducing the amount of seaming areas that you will be charged.  Hallways and guestrooms are areas that especially need to be properly designed and produced to conserve on the total amount of carpet ordered and total amount of seams needed.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to ask questions or even provide recommendations on local qualified commercial carpet installers in Miami.