Country Club Carpet in Boca Raton

High Traffic Carpet Production for Luxurious Country Clubs in Boca Raton, Florida 

Before making a final selection of the type of country club carpet in Boca Raton, country club committee boards and end-users should make sure they are choosing the correct type of design and construction to ensure durability. A popular and known durable product for country club carpet in Boca Raton is called axminster carpet.  Axminster carpet is a woven carpet, which means threads are interlocked in such a way that the tufts of carpet are secured between themselves, row by row.  This method of construction allows the backing and surface to be created during the weaving process, therefore making the carpet dimensionally stable.  Many establishments that contain a heavy amount of foot traffic, aside from country club carpet in Boca Raton, will use axminster carpet.  Some of these establishments are casinos, convention centers, hotel corridors, and ballrooms.  With a quality manufacturer, axminster as a country club carpet in Boca Raton, can be produced with 80% wool and 20% nylon, or 100% nylon.

Axminster carpet will also provide exceptional design and colors to the finished product.  You can choose any design and color combination you or your designer desire.  Perhaps the country club has existing fabrics and colors already installed and would therefore like to match the same colors into the carpet design.

This carpet can be produced in a variety of densities, which is determined by foot traffic and the total amount of public space in your Boca Raton country club.  If you would like to know more information about our axminster carpet densities, please view our product specification page.  You can view the different densities, but please contact us for our professional manufacturing opinion.

Royal American Carpets is a company that specializes in country club carpet in Boca Raton by offering personal service for a particular product, while delivering in a timely manner.  We are very confident in our design staff to create for you a unique carpet design and recommending the proper density to fit your country club budget.