Custom Home Theater Carpet

Custom home theater carpet can be a great design element to improve one's home theater. Most of the focus in home theaters is on the screen, the seats, and the sound system. However, proper custom home theater carpet can increase the improvement of sound, as well as creating the elegant feel for that specific home theater.

Royal American Carpets produces hand-tufted carpet and area rugs for custom home theater carpet. We can produce this type of carpet in a variety of densities to meet one's budget.  This product can be manufactured with New Zealand wool, various silk fibers, nylon, or a combination of these materials.

One major advantage in using our hand-tufted carpet for a custom home theater is the unlimited length and width of the rolls. Since we make this product by hand, we can customize the length and widths of the carpet which eliminate seaming in the theater.

Royal American's design staff specializes in custom home theater design, and we can create designs and patterns with an unlimited amount of colors and unlimited design abilities.  Feel free to send us an inspirational design to begin with, or photos of your custom home theater.  We can then begin working on the custom home theater design for your approval, followed by samples at no charge.  You may want to add interesting effects to the carpet, such as a cut pile, loop pile, or pile height differentiation in specific areas of the design.  Carving is another effect that we can add to enhance any of the pattern movements.  If you prefer to receive some of our current designs from our company archives, just contact us anytime with your request.

Running line carpet is known to be less expensive than hand-tufted carpet, however Royal American Carpets tries to make every effort to be able to provide the most aggressive priced custom home theater carpet on the market.