Quick-Ship Custom Carpet / Area Rugs

Our Quick Ship Program is the Solution to Produce Custom Carpet for Projects with Short Lead Times

Frequently, interior design firms run into lead time issues when working with custom carpet or area rugs. Royal American Carpets offers a unique solution to help solve those issues by offering a custom quick-ship program. Clients can now produce custom designed carpet or custom designed area rugs rapidly and cost effectively.   

Our quick-ship program is set up on a woven Axminster machine, with 12 colors to freely choose from.  There are absolutely no minimum order quantities, and we can even produce carpet or area rugs using the proper density for the specific project type.

One of the wonderful features of this program is that the price does not change depending on the total colors selected within a design. Whether it's a one color solid carpet, or custom guest room rugs containing 12 colors, the price is only based on quantity and density.  

Please see the list below of key details for new quick-ship program:

  • 12' width machinery

  • 7 - 12 row density options

  • No minimum order quantity limitation

  • Average lead time is currently 12 days, after design approval

  • 12 total color pallet

  • 80% British and New Zealand wool, 20% Ascend conductive nylon 6.6

  • 7mm pile height for carpet or area rug production

                                                                      Freely choose any colors from this particular color pallet

                                                                      Freely choose any colors from this particular color pallet

If you have any questions or if you're interested in our quick-ship program, please contact us anytime at info@royalamericancarpets.com.