Hotel Room Carpet Types

Types of Room Carpet for Hotel Guest Rooms, Suites, and Hospitality Guestroom Space

One common question when working with Hotels involves our Hotel Room Carpet Types. This can be a tricky question because of the range of answers. A "type" of hotel room carpet can imply a specific design, a construction type, or a particular yarn content. For either implication we can provide detailed answers and narrow down the design and creation of a finished Hotel Room Carpet.

Our state-of-the-art machinery can be technical, which is why we assist from the beginning to the end. This includes proper specifications, final design work, color palette, and fiber content. We always like to gauge our clients and ask the right questions that make the entire design process more smooth. So for pattern movement in Hotel Room Carpet Types, the range is almost endless. Here is a list of some of our Carpet pattern movements. There are several others, but these are the most popular Types of Room Carpet Designs:

  • Geometric
  • Art Deco
  • Floral
  • Stripes
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Organic

As mentioned above, Hotel Guest Room Machinery gets technical. It's our duty to know the machinery, create the most beautiful product, and reduce one's budget as much as possible. For example, a preferred pattern movement could require one specific type of machine. This is another example of Hotel Room Carpet Types. A geometric or striped design can be produced on our Enhanced Loop Graphics Machine. But what if a client does not want any loop pile texture in the Hotel Room Carpet? With our expertise and understanding of each of our machinery, this request is not an issue. Our staff simplifies and explains both the capabilities and the limitations. The custom process includes colored renderings and accurate sampling for approval. You can visit our products page to learn more about our Hotel Guest Room Carpet Machineries. For now, here is a quick list of what produce:

  • Enhanced Loop Graphics (ELG)
  • Level Cut Loop (LCL)
  • Multi Level Cut Loop (MLCL)
  • Level Loop Scroll (LLS)
  • Cut Pile Graphics (CPG)

Finally, there is the fiber content, or yarn content. When asked about our Hotel Room Carpet Types, many interior designers or hotel owners are referring to the make up of the carpet. The answers range from either 100% solution dyed nylon, skein dyed nylon, a blend of wool and nylon, or sometimes polypropylene. Also, the Guest Room Carpet Type can also mean the texture. Our Custom Carpets come in 100% cut pile, 100% loop pile, Cut and Loop pile, or a random tip-shear effect. 

Please contact us now for assistance with Hotel Guest Room Designs or with any questions or concerns.