High-End Home Theater Carpet

Custom Luxury Carpet for High-Quality Home Theaters

Owners of home theaters undervalue the benefits of installing high-end home theater carpet. There are important factors that go into creating an amazing home theater experience. Much of the focus goes toward the seating, the screen, and the sound system. Granted those are in fact crucial, but what about consideration of the flooring? A proper selection of a custom carpet can change the whole feel of a home theater.

The most important factor to a custom high end carpet in a home theater is the affect on the acoustics. If the sound system provides great quality, then so should the flooring. All materials have a huge impact on sound waves and the focus should be to reduce echoes as much as possible. For example, the denser the carpet, the better absorption of sound. Going with a plush cut pile carpet is the better option for high-end home theaters as well. A cut pile will absorb sound better than a loop pile. Also a higher pile height is beneficial.

High-end home theater carpet should consist of 100% wool. The fibers absorb sound waves better than any synthetic. Nylon, although useful for other applications, should not be considered for home theaters.

If the floor of a home theater doesn't contain any sort of acoustic carpet, then an area rug should be installed. Make sure the area rug is between the speakers and the front row of your home theater.

Finally, let's discuss the ambience. Designing a custom carpet provides a home theater with the perfect color palette. Choosing custom colors in the carpet to match other interior selections can definitely have an impact. Also, the scale or size of the carpet design repeat is relevant. Adjustments to the design depend on the size of the whole space. Custom high-end home theater carpet include the unlimited capabilities in design and texture. Carpets can include carving, multi-pile heights, and custom density. This adds an awesome feeling on the feet, and enhances the durability.