Hospitality and Commercial Area Rugs in San Francisco

Constructing Area Rugs with Proper Specifications for the City of San Francisco

When selecting hospitality or commercial area rugs for public space in San Francisco, certain specifications may be required. There are a wide array of area rug specifications, but the important factors are the construction type, the density, and the materials. Of course there are several other technical factors, but these are the essential difference makers for a good combination of longevity and design.

There are quite a few construction methods within the area rug industry, but when dealing with custom area rugs, there are not that many. The hospitality industry usually requires fast lead times and affordable, durable, and elegant designs. To meet that criteria, the types of construction one should consider are machine-tufted area rugs, woven machine rugs, or hand-tufted construction. Hand woven is too pricey and takes too long. CYP produces the best machine-tufted area rugs, while axminster is the ideal product for machine-woven area rugs. Hand-Tufted is the overall best product for durability and design for the San Francisco hospitality industry. Hand-tufted area rugs can produce various pile heights, different materials, custom densities for higher foot traffic, and unlimited design and color selection.

For material selection in your custom area rugs, it can depend on a few factors. New Zealand wool is always wonderful, except when exposed to sunlight. Solution dyed nylon is a great material for sunlight issues. Hand-tufted can create a great combination of materials to enhance the design. Examples are wool combined with silk, or viscose, or bamboo silk (depending on budget).

Densities should be recommended by the area rug manufacturer. For hospitality area rugs in San Francisco, the density can vary depending on the level of foot traffic the rugs will receive. Also, if there are several furniture pieces, that is also an important factor for density. Machine made carpet cannot provide area rugs as dense as hand-made rugs, giving hand-tufted another advantage. 4.5lb density should be the minimum for hand-tufted use in San Francisco. The heavier you go can sometimes increase the pile height as well, so you have to be careful with tripping hazards.

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns about your custom area rug specifications located in San Francisco.