Hospitality Carpet in Miami

Servicing Miami, Florida with Hospitality Carpet with Beauty and Durability

Hotels and condominiums in Miami and Miami Beach are known to be quite savvy when it comes to their hospitality carpet.  Owners and designers work together to create original modern designs for their floors.  Hospitality carpet in Miami is known for their art deco designs, and custom carpet is the best way to create a masterpiece. Royal American Carpets is a local company that specializes in custom design and manufacturing for all hospitality carpet in Miami. This includes guest room hospitality carpet, and public space hospitality carpet for hotels, condominiums, casinos, ballrooms, restaurants, and more.

We are a company that is fully equipped to create original designs based on any type of inspiration. Once your custom design is finished, we provide you with the correct amount of samples so you can correctly see your colors and design movement before placing any orders. Royal American Carpets uses a wide variety of hospitality carpet machinery so that we can give you the best product based on your current budget. We offer very high traffic carpet, and we offer products that don't need enhanced durability depending on foot traffic.

Our hospitality carpet can be produced with different fibers, such as wool, nylon, or even polypropylene. Once we receive the inspiration of your custom carpet design, we'll know exactly what type of machinery and color vibrancy that will be required to get the look you desire.  We can utilize a tremendous amount of colors, and even customize your hospitality carpet to contain logos, or design elements already existing in your hotel.

Please visit our products and specifications anytime to learn more about us. You can contact us anytime for questions or even samples of our products. We look forward to working with interior designers and hotel owners focusing on lasting relationships and beautiful finished products for our floors here in Miami.