Axminster Carpet / Custom Area Rugs in New York

Custom carpet in New York hotels and condominiums can really add an exciting design feature to the premises.  New York hotels prefer custom Axminster carpet, made of 80% wool and 20% nylon.  Other New York hotels may also consider the use of custom hand-tufted area rugs for their lobbies or guestroom suites.

Custom axminster carpet allows New York hotel owners to install beautiful elegant designs and vibrant colors produced with the durability to last several years.  There are no design limitations with custom axminster carpet.  Axminster carpet for New York hotels and condominiums perform as a superior woven carpet because each tuft is surrounded, locked, and supported by nine backing yarns.  Weaves increase in density and more yarns are added, which makes the product stronger and more stable.  This carpet construction method combined with the durability of wool is what gives this product lasting beauty.  Other areas for this custom wool carpet in New York besides the hotels are convention centers, corridors, meeting rooms, and ballrooms.

Custom hand-tufted area rugs can be a great benefit for any hotel in New York looking to improve the decor of the their lobby area.  By customizing area rugs, this allows the hotel to create exact sizes and colors to match the current architecture and current color scheme of the lobby area. When designing custom area rugs for hotels or hotel lobbies in New York, it is recommended to use an interior designer who is familiar with the space. This allows the process to move faster and of course will increase the chance of installing a beautiful custom hand-tufted area rug in the hotel lobby area.  Interior designers in New York assisting with custom area rugs will help speed up the sampling process as well as the production process due to their ability to create proper design movement and accurate color schemes.  Custom hand-tufted area rugs can be produced with a variety of materials, including wool, silk, viscose, and nylon.  Most New York hotel lobby custom area rugs should be produced with mainly wool because of the color vibrance combined with the natural durability of wool.  Hand-tufted area rugs can also be produced in various sizes or unusual shapes.  This allows hotels in New York to offer a unique ambiance when visitors enter the hotel lobby. Custom area rugs contain densities specifically to withhold a large amount of traffic in New York hotels and hotel lobbies.  The amount of traffic in your New York hotel or hotel lobby space will determine what density is required or recommended.