Miami Hotel Carpets

Custom Corridor and Guest Room Carpet

Miami continues to draw in a record number of tourists, with an estimated hotel occupancy rate at 78%. Miami, Florida is currently ranked 6th out of the top 25 hotel markets in the United States, making it a fortunate city for our company headquarters. While we appreciate the opportune location, it requires us to provide only the optimal products and services for local Hotels & Motels. Our carpets and area rugs are produced custom, specifically constructed to withstand the heavy amount of foot traffic Miami Hotels will inevitably experience.


Miami Condo Carpets

Custom Corridor Broadloom Carpet

Miami contains some of the most beautiful oceanfront, high-rise condominiums in the entire world. It's hard to compare any other city in the United States with South Florida's condominium market. With cities like Sunny Isles, Miami, and Miami Beach, each contain units that offer breath-taking ocean views. All of these Miami Condominiums are unique in their own way, and we at Royal American Carpets offer our custom services, creating exclusive designs for each high-rise and mid-rise condominium throughout the Miami area.