Design and Production of Custom Carpet for Country Clubs in Boca Raton

Furnishing Country Clubs with High-End Carpet & Area Rugs 

Boca Raton is one of the main reasons that our state of Florida has the #1 golf rating in the entire country. Since Royal American Carpets's headquarters are here in the sunshine state, that requires us to supply only the most durable and affordable carpets for all of our Country Clubs.

Royal American Carpets has made it a priority to assist in creating elegant and long-lasting carpet for Florida's Golf & Yacht Country Clubs. Boca Raton is an area in our state where Country Clubs and are boundless, and we aim to provide our services for each and every one of them. Our wide range of hospitality machinery gives us the unique ability to produce custom carpet that meets all the demands for a Country Club setting.

Each of the demands can range depending on the room setting of a country club. Country Clubs tend to contain common areas such pro shops, dining rooms, and ballrooms. Locker rooms are usually reserved for members, but with golf spikes, the carpet must be correctly specified.

Boca Raton Country Clubs should also specify their carpet with the optimal yarn content. Choosing the yarn content will depend on a variety of circumstances. A few of these can include:

- Preferred color vibrance and appearance
- Expected foot traffic
- Areas with exposed sunlight
- Total colors to include in the patterns
- Fire rating requirements

Golf Country Club Pro Shop

Woven Axminster Carpet in Country Clubs is the elite of carpet construction & durability. This carpet is woven, not tufted, producing a custom carpet without a secondary backing. This by far helps to increase the dimensional stability of the carpet that will receive a high degree of foot traffic. Royal American's Axminster Construction produces carpet in 6 different densities, allowing Boca Raton Country Clubs to install a cost-effective product with the desired longevity. Our Woven Axminster can be produced using 80% wool and 20% nylon, 100% nylon, or 100% solution dyed nylon. Each fiber content has its own advantages, and our technical staff will always help determine the proper specs. There are many factors that add up to the final yarn specification, and we prefer to examine the physical site or at least receive answers to important questions. Once we determine the ideal parameters for the custom carpet construction, then our talented design staff will take it from there. Patterns can include anywhere from up to 12 colors, and an unlimited amount of designs within the color palette. Coordinating designs can truly add a magnificent effect to any luxurious Country Club, and it's something that each and every member will notice and appreciate immediately.

Royal American consistently teams up with Interior Designers and offers our expertise for Boca Raton Country Clubs. Our technical expertise offers distinct advantages for both the designer and the end-user. Feel free to contact us anytime regarding custom carpet specifications, pricing, lead times, and more.