Country Clubs

Custom High-Traffic Carpet for Golf Country Clubs, Private Clubs, and Yacht Clubs 

Country Clubs and their unique surroundings contain floors that receive heavy foot traffic. Thus installation of Country Club Carpet should always consist of appropriate qualifications. Well-accustomed to these conditions, our company specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom carpets having optimum specifications to withstand the high-traffic of a Country Club.

One specific construction type often specified and well within our expertise is Woven Axminster Carpet. We produce this carpet in a variety of densities to not only meet endurance, but to also meet a project's budget requirements.

This advanced carpet machinery presents our design staff with the ability to create essentially any patterns. With a selection of up to 16 colors, the design capabilities are endless. With just a little guidance and some interior inspiration, we can create various patterns specific to each individual space of a Country Club. The results will contribute to the feeling of exclusivity that all club members deserve. Common suggestions include custom patterns for dining rooms, custom designs for Pro Shops, or Locker Rooms, Card Rooms, Ballrooms, etc.

Once customers provide us with floor plans and inspirational concepts for design, our technical staff can help advise on material selection, as well as create patterns scaled to fit any type of Country Club setting. Custom Country Club Carpets are a wonderful method to add more of a luxurious ambiance for all members, while adding the durability and color fastness that each floor deserves.

Naturally, Country Clubs all have their own budget on flooring installation types, and we are not limited to only high-end products. We offer a wide range of machinery guaranteed to meet budget limitations, each designed for public space and heavier foot. Here is a quick list of our products suitable for Country Clubs:


It's always a privilege to work in the hospitality design industry and present our particular services. Whether it's one single custom area rug or all the corridors of a hotel - our team is always excited to get to work. Still when it comes to servicing Country Clubs, the process seems to be more captivating to us. There's nothing quite like the elegant and luxurious atmospheres, combined with extensive areas. And this is precisely what we're equipped for! With a virtually limitless array of pattern and color options, Royal American Carpets can help transform any Country Club into something extraordinary.