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Royal American Carpets adds a unique involvement to help companies bring their Logos and Brand Colors to life. Our entire design and production staff cherish the opportunities to work on Brand Recognition projects. Whether it's a gorgeous custom area rug for the entrance of an office, or custom carpet that changes the entire feel of a meeting room, nothing excites us more than being able to improve the ambiance of Corporate Interiors. Improvements that include encouraging company employees, and inspiring prospective clients.


Company logos

custom colors

custom shapes

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Company Logos are the identification of a firm, or a visual presence of their organization. Over the years, the graphic design business has taken off because logo design and brand colors have shown the important roles they play. The psychology of colors is commonly studied, now giving vital information that affect customer moods and emotions. The same can be applied for employees of a Corporate Atmosphere. For example, certain colors are known to increase levels of happiness, calmness, passion, truth, growth, and more. If intentionally selected for any of those reasons that make up Company Logos, or even just Brand Awareness, then the added elements of a Custom Area Rug or Custom Carpet to an Corporate Office could add compelling benefits.

Most companies and their employees are so used to only seeing their Logos digitally, or imprinted onto products. But we at Royal American Carpets bring those designs and colors to life, in an exciting process that includes custom products, shapes, sizes, and materials. Not to mention, custom dyeing to match company colors, and intricate designs that accurately display Logo drawings.

Our pursuit to improve Commercial and Corporate Atmosphere make this a customary process for our design team. Here is a list of office locations where we've installed our products, plus a few more settings that may could transform your Corporate Interiors:


✓ Elevator Landings prior to entrance
✓ Runners at the entrance
✓ Lobbies / Reception Areas
✓ Conference Rooms / Board Rooms

✓ Brainstorming Rooms
✓ Desks/Computer Stations
✓ Game Rooms
✓ Libraries


With a virtually limitless array of pattern and color options, Royal American Carpets can transform any space into something truly extraordinary. "Going Custom" could be a wonderful technique to lift a corporate environment, adding both a positive and refreshing feel.