Luxury Yacht Carpet in Miami

Luxurious Carpet Design and Installation for Yacht Owners in Miami, Florida

Yacht interior design is the perfect setting to utilize the abilities of custom luxury yacht carpet in Miami. Choosing a luxurious carpet gives the yacht owner the feel and durability each room deserves, and using custom luxury yacht carpet  adds the unique and original aspect to each space. Designing and installing a customized carpet provides capabilities to create any range of carpet designs and colors.  You can create carpets containing logos, company names, yacht names, and more importantly, elements of other designs which already exist throughout the vessel. Royal American Carpets specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom luxurious carpet.  We can assist interior designers or end-users with the entire process;from selecting colors or matching existing colors, creating the pattern, and producing the finished product with various materials within the carpet.  These materials include wool from New Zealand, silk fibers, viscose, and nylon.

We can also produce luxury yacht area rugs in Miami Florida, in case the preferred flooring material to be installed is a hardwood floor. Royal American Carpets also produces luxurious area rugs as well.  These rugs contain the same capabilities as our luxury yacht carpet.  One more added benefit to our custom carpet and rugs is the ability to produce the pile in a custom fashion, such as cut pile or loop pile, or a combination.  We can even carve within the product, and vary the height of the carpet, depending on the design.

For more information about us, please view our current product page or you can view our specifications page.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime.  We offer other custom yacht carpet specifications not listed, so please send a request if you are interested.  Also, at anytime, you can submit an inspirational photo directly from our contact us page to have our design staff begin working on your custom yacht carpet design.