Hospitality Area Rugs in New York

Supplying Custom Area Rugs at Hospitality & Commercial Locations in New York, NY

New York and New York City contains an incredible amount of hotels that utilize the elegance and beauty of custom hospitality area rugs.  Interior designers and end-users that work with New York hotels and lobbies are always looking for that design flexibility that only custom hospitality area rugs can provide for their interiors.

Hospitality area rugs in New York can be produced with a variety of materials, including wool, nylon, and various silk fibers. Depending on the desired pattern and foot traffic will determine material.  Most lobby rugs should be produced with wool and can contain silk as well.  When specifying any type of silk in lobby and lobby entrance area rugs, wool should still be the dominant fiber since it is a much more durable and cleanable fiber.

Royal American Carpets specializes in creating custom area rugs for hospitality use.  We produce many rugs using our hand tufted method of production.  This construction method allows us to create area rugs with zero size limitations and an unlimited amount of colors.  We can also combine various fibers to enhance certain colors or design elements within the custom area rug.  Many hospitality area rugs New York already have existing color schemes, and Royal American can even custom color to match the current color scheme. Custom coloring is available in wool and silk.

Our company and unique design staff will assist you during the entire design process, while recommending proper density and pile height for your public space area.  All of this can also be accomplished while maintaining client budgets.  Royal American Carpets is a company focused on always trying to provide the most competitive pricing when working with custom designs and custom hospitality area rugs in New York.

Please feel free to visit our product page or our specification page to learn more about the process of our custom hospitality area rugs New York.  Feel free to ask questions at anytime or even request quality samples as well.