Custom Area Rugs in Florida

Supplying Custom Area Rugs at Commercial & Hospitality Locations

Area rugs are frequently used in a variety of spaces, but custom area rugs in Florida allows for a unique type of design element.  By ordering and customizing your own area rug, you can choose any color scheme or even customize colors that already exist in your design space.

Companies such as Royal American Carpets specialize in this type of finished product, which includes the challenge of custom design and production work.  Many large companies and manufacturers do not like to get involved with custom carpet or custom area rugs in Florida.  This mainly because they are heavily involved in the production of "running line" carpet and "machine made" carpet for guest rooms, hallways, etc. These companies are not staffed or equipped for intricate details inside a custom area rug.

These custom areas rugs also can include materials some companies are not familiar with.  Royal American Carpets primarily uses 100% New Zealand Wool in our rugs, but we also offer different types of silk fibers, as well as nylon.  Our experienced staff can help you determine which material would be best and produce your custom area rug with the durability you desire.

Most of our custom area rugs are made by hand, allowing us to create wonderful and elegant designs.  Our hand-tufted rugs offer no limitation to designs, and unlimited color capabilities.  We can also create your area rug(s) in any size or shape, eliminating any potential seaming, which could cause a decrease in durability.

Please feel free to visit our website to view various completed projects and learn more about the products that we offer.  If you currently have an idea for a custom area rug design, you can email us with it anytime on our contact us page.  Just simply fill out the quick form and submit the image.