Convention Center Carpet

Manufacturing and Installing Carpet for Convention Centers

Convention Center Carpet can be a smooth process when the end-user or designer chooses to work with a experienced and specialized manufacturer for these types of large venues. Depending on the size and the amount of foot traffic, convention centers may want to consider many factors before making the final carpet selection.  Aside from the manufacturer, convention center carpet also requires the installation from an experienced commercial flooring installer.

Royal American Carpets is very familiar with the production of high-traffic carpet, especially for convention centers.  We are one of few companies to exist that specialize in the design and production of large scale patterned carpets. Convention Center carpet usually requires large pattern repeats due to the size of the flooring space.

Through production with our advanced technology, we are able to manufacture multiple carpet products for convention centers containing different materials.  These machines and materials all depend on the desire for durability and total budget.  When ordering convention center carpet, Royal American Carpets recommends to use our axminster carpet product, which is produced on our electronic jacquard machinery. We have very few limitations with this carpet, allowing us to basically produce any design movement combined with a large color selection.  Our axminster carpet is produced with 80% wool and 20% nylon, giving any convention center the ideal combination of fiber, pile height, and density in order to last well over 10 years.  This type of carpet does not just replace the existing convention center carpeting; it as an investment for the entire facility.

Overall, there are many types of carpet construction and materials designed to enhance carpet durability, however, convention centers are in a class of their own. The amount of total foot traffic received inside a convention center is tremendous, but with the right specifications and construction, the convention center carpeting can perform even above expectations.

For more information about Royal American Carpets and our products, please feel free to visit our company website anytime, or contact us with any questions or concerns.  Our design staff looks forward to the challenge of creating a unique carpet design that will make visitors forever remember the space.