Casino Carpet in the Dominican Republic

Casinos located in the Dominican Republic should consider using patterned casino carpet for their establishments. There are only a few types of machinery that can produce beautiful carpet for casinos located in the Dominican Republic.

Printed carpet can produce stylish and elegant designs made of different textures, such as cut pile, loop pile, or a combination. Many establishments in the Dominican Republic currently use this type of casino carpet, but should actually purchase printed carpet made of 80% wool and 20% nylon.  Wool is a much more durable and flame retardant fiber than nylon.  Nylon, when burned, actually melts and releases toxins in the air, while wool extinguishes.  Currently, the casino carpet in Dominican Republic are primarily produced with nylon and this material is not going to give the casino the best option available.

Axminster carpet is also made of 80% wool and 20% nylon, but this carpet is a bit more durable.  This type of carpet is woven with threads that interlock and secure themselves row by row, producing a carpet that is known for its dimensional stability.  A higher budget is required for this type of carpet, but will last your casino in Dominican Republic a lot longer than any other type of construction.

Using mainly wool fibers in your casino in the Dominican Republic will enhance the life if your carpet, and provide your casino with more vibrant colors.  Wool also acts as  an absorption of air pollutants and gives a luxurious appearance to the establishment.