Acoustic Carpet for Home Theaters in Miami

Maximize Your Home Theater Acoustics by Selecting the Appropriate Carpet

Home theaters have become a popular residential space, and when designing that space, it is best to consider the importance of the acoustic carpet that will be installed.  Depending on your specifications, the absorption of sound from your floors can greatly affect the performance of your equipment.

First off, if you do not have an acoustic carpet currently installed, then you need to install an area rug between the speakers and the front row of your home theater immediately.  The material of a rug or carpet is vital for sound waves and helps to eliminate home theater echoes.  Wall paneling, soft furniture, and wooden doors also will create a better acoustic experience.

When selecting your acoustic carpet for your home theater, consider that a plush cut pile carpet will be your best option. Also, the denser the carpet, the better the absorption of sound, so make sure you don't purchase a carpet that is too inexpensive.

Royal American Carpets specializes in custom designing and manufacturing of acoustic carpet for your home theater in Miami. Our custom carpet can be designed with your choice of patterns, your selection of colors, and a custom size to eliminate unnecessary seams.  We have a full time design staff to assist with an unlimited range of designs, and we provide samples of the design, which are real quality samples giving you the exact feel and colors selected.

Custom acoustic carpet for your home theater gives you the density, durability, and unique feel that any home owner would desire for this type of space.  Royal American Carpets will work with your budget and modify the acoustic carpet specifications where it's best needed to.  Whether your custom acoustic carpet is produced in wool, silk, viscose, or nylon; we can recommend the right product to fit your home theater budget.

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns about your acoustic carpet for your home theater Miami.