Design and Production of Custom Carpet for PALM BEACH CONDOMINIUMS

Furnishing Palm Beach Condominiums with High-Traffic Carpet 

The city of West Palm Beach has experienced a large increase in population over the last several years, and to accommodate the residents, the city contains many beautiful, luxurious High-Rise Condominiums. All of these Palm Beach Condominiums offer their own unique style and décor. The style can depend on location, as well as budget.

Royal American Carpets recognizes the importance of the overall budget for each and every Palm Beach Condo. We take this into careful consideration when providing our flooring options. Some examples of the machinery we offer are known as:






All of our state-of-the-art machinery offers a Custom Carpet. There are a variety of advantages when choosing to go with a Custom Carpet for the corridors of a Condominium.

advantages of a custom product:

  • Limitless Design Capabilities

  • Custom colors to match new or existing décor

  • Custom widths to help reduce the overall waste, as well as reduce the amount of seams

  • Selection of the optimal fiber content (ex: solution dyed nylon, wool, wool/nylon blend, etc.)

  • Original carpet from any surrounding buildings

Feel free to take a look at our newly installed carpet at One City Plaza, located in West Palm Beach. For this Condominium in Palm Beach, we designed and manufactured a Custom Axminster Carpet, produced with 80% wool and 20% nylon.

Our technical expertise comes with distinct advantages for Palm Beach’s Condos. Understanding certain factors that determine the optimal carpet requires expertise, and we make it our purpose is to provide that for all of our customers.