CHROMO JET Printed - hospitality Carpet

Custom Design Broadloom Carpet

Printed Carpet is known to be the best choice of custom hospitality carpet for budget conscious projects in search of good-looking, multi-colored design(s). The Chromo-Jet machinery is capable of producing intricate patterns with excellent precision, along with incorporating up to 12 total colors.    

This type of machine-tufted carpet begins its life as white clean yarn, where it's typically stored and then put to use after a custom order has been placed. After order placement, the white carpet is set up on the Chromo-Jet Printing machine and is set to add the design. Then the dye injection occurs using jets that are arranged in groups, almost like an office printer. Pressure provides the color and design accuracy, penetrating the carpet pile while never touching the fabric. After design completion, the carpet is steamed, washed, and dried all on this advanced machinery. As beautiful of a finished design this machinery provides, dye can only penetrate the fibers to a certain depth. The pile yarn normally receives an equivalency of 45-65% of dye absorption, which is why you can still see the undyed white yarn close to the backing. After wear and tear, the carpet will flatten and eventually expose more and more of the undyed yarns. However, this is why it's considered best for budget conscious projects and areas without heavy foot traffic.

Royal American's Printed Carpet is a carpet often specified in a variety of public spaces, and sometimes even hotel guest room carpet. It can sometimes be the perfect product to install, depending on foot traffic and exposure to sunlight. Depending on the project scope and budget, we can adjust the density to provide the maximum durability.